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Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles

Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles


You have the power to break free from the chains that hold you back


God has created each of us with purpose and potential. So why are so many of us fighting the same old battles instead of living the life he intends for us? God has already provided all of the weapons we need in order to find success in every area of life.

It’s time to learn how to use them.


With clear biblical insight and powerful personal stories, Linda Evans Shepherd shows you how to break the chains of the enemy by putting on the full armor of God described in Ephesians 6. Shepherd explains the function of each piece of armor, how to wield it, and why you feel the resistance of the enemy when you try to find and follow your unique purpose.


You were meant for victory! Discover how you can win your spiritual battles to experience the full life you were meant to live–now.


What Readers Said


“In the midst of fear, worry, and uncertainty, Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles brings us an impacting reassurance of God’s power to shield us. I found myself nodding at the insights shared on each page. And feeling sweet peace with the real-life examples, the rich Scripture woven throughout adds power to each truth.  


In this busy life, we can miss the power of the Holy Spirit who is our companion and protector, but Winning Your Daily Spiritual Battles showcases how we can live confident and reassured lives.” – Janet Perez Eckles, author of “Contagious Courage.”


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