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Praying through 

every emotion

AVAILABLE NOW—Human beings are emotional creatures. We feel deeply, and at times our emotional responses to our situations may be overwhelming. Whether it's disappointment at an opportunity missed, grief when a loved one dies, anxiety when we go through a big life change (even a positive one!), or uncertainty when faced with a situation outside of our control, we can take those feelings to God--immediately--in prayer, and he will give us peace, comfort, and clarity.

Topically arranged so you can go directly to your particular need, Praying Through Every Emotion offers transforming Scripture and prayer to help you change your perspective, heal your emotional wounds, and find yourself unburdened from cares and concerns. The power-packed prayers cover nearly 70 different emotions, from feeling angry, broken, or exhausted to feeling confident, hopeful, and joyful--and everything in between. You'll even find prayers for the really hard things, such as when you feel depressed, ashamed, or suicidal.

Your emotions are a gift from God, and he uses them to help you grow, both closer to him and more fully into the person He created you to be. Let Linda Evans Shepherd help you manage those emotions through prayer and see your attitude and mindset transformed.

What Readers SaiD

"When I learned that Linda Evans Shepherd was writing a book about praying through your emotions, I couldn't wait for it to release.  I knew that this was the ONE book that I needed to read and revisit daily. If you only buy one prayer book this year, this is definitely the one to get. So practical and profoundly relevant. I've seen nothing else like it."

—Amber Weigand-Buckley, editor, Leading Hearts magazine 

"Do I have to admit how many times I catch myself thinking I need to set aside an “ick” emotion I’m feeling so I can pray? Who do I think I’m fooling? Not, God, I’ll tell you that. He knows what I’m feeling and wants me to not just pray around the ick, but to pray through it. Linda Evans Shepherd shows the way as she guides us right into those needed 'ick-freeing' prayers. This book goes on my keep-it-handy shelf!"


—Rhonda Rhea, TV personality, award-winning humor columnist and author of 18 books


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