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Praying God’s Promises


What if You Could Pray God’s Will Everytime?



Author Linda Evans Shepherd’s new book, Praying God’s Promises: The Life-Changing Power of Praying the Scriptures, helps you to not only discover God’s promises but helps you to pray them over your life and the lives of your loved ones. As Linda takes you through actual promises found in the Word, she shows you that they are guaranteed by a God who is both our Promise Maker and Promise Keeper. As you study the meaning of God’s names you will learn how to say “yes” to His promises, starting with the promise of salvation and continuing to many more promises, including the promises of God’s joy, protection and provision.



This book will increase your faith and draw you closer to God. It will show you how to pray in a way that will ignite his promises over your life through prayer.



The book is organized to walk readers through prayers for God’s promises for:


    • His presence

    • His love

    • Peace

    • Joy

    • Blessings

    • His deliverance

    • Hope

    • His provision and protection

    • Health

    • Breakthroughs

    • Our relationships

    • Our children and loved ones



What Readers Said


“Linda Shepherd has hit it out of the park again! What a timely word for those longing to deepen their faith! In this power-packed book, Linda shows you exactly how to pray the promises of Scripture. I need this book and you need this book. I highly recommend that you keep a copy on your nightstand.”


—Becky Harling, international speaker and author of How to Listen So People Will Talk and Who Do You Say That I Am?


“If you’re looking for a faith-booster, read Praying God’s Promises. You’ll encounter stories of people just like you who needed restored hope, answers to prayer, the presence of God, and courage to make the next right choice. You’ll also get Scriptures that will help you claim the promises of God and personalize them for your own situation. In this must-read book, you’ll encounter the God of promises, and your life will be enriched, blessed, and encouraged as you agree in prayer with what the Bible says, and then rest in the fact that what he says, he will do"


—Carol Kent, speaker and author of He Holds My Hand: Experiencing God’s Presence and Protection


“Pairing up and powering up prayer with the promises of God and the names of God? Oh my, it just does not get more powerful than that. What a great resource we have here from prayer expert Linda Evans Shepherd in Praying God’s Promises. Hanging on to this one!”


—Rhonda Rhea, TV personality, humor columnist, author of 14 books, including Messy to Meaningful, Turtles in the Road, and Fix Her Up


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