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AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER—Experience joy you never thought possible

Does your prayer time consist of an ever-lengthening list of requests for yourself and other people? Perhaps you spend a lot of time praying for the health of family or church members, guidance for a child or grandchild, or that God would intervene in global crises. But did you know that you can pray about more than just the things in life that seem to be going wrong? In fact, you can pray that God will transform your anxious and tired heart into a joyful one!

It's time to set aside the trials of life for a while and make joy a priority. Not sure
 how? Let this collection of Scripture-powered prayers from beloved author Linda Evans Shepherd be your guide. Packed with prayers of gratitude, praise, and hope, this inspiring collection will change your perspective, your life, and your heart as you press into pure, God-given joy.

The perfect gift for yourself or someone else, Make Time for Joy will help you transform sadness into gladness as you rest on the love, joy, and provision that comes from God.

How to Use This Book

You can read this book as a daily devotional, or you can consult the table of contents to find prayers you need right now. As you pray through this book, you’ll discover that the prayers are a paraphrase of the accompanying Scripture passages. This is by design because there is such anointing and breakthrough when you pray God’s Word back to Him.


God’s Word is alive and filled with power and can take you into a state of joy.

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