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Potluck Club Library

Stock up on The Potluck Club Cookbook for gifts for all your Potluck girlfriends.
Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson's Potluck Club books are very popular even though they are out of print.  However, there still are a few PRINT COPIES left in stock and can give you a complete signed (by Linda) set while my supplies last.


Get the Complete SeT


  • The Potluck Club (Series 1)

Includes The Potluck Club, The Potluck Club Trouble’s Brewing and The Potluck Club Takes the Cake.

  •  The Potluck Catering Club (Series 2)


Includes The Secrets in the Sauce, Bake Until Golden and A Taste of Fame


Please note:  These books DO remain alive in ebook from and you can get them from Amazon Kindle and wherever ebooks are sold.

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