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the prayer that refreshes

IT’S A NEW DAY, A FRESH SEASON. THE AIR HERE IN COLORADO IS SWEET AFTER DAYS OF RAIN. The grass is green and the crabapple tree in my backyard is filled with fluffy, pink blossoms.

After a deep season of sorrow upon losing my precious daughter Laura, I am feeling a new sweetness in my spirit. I’m letting go of grudges and pain, and joy is overtaking my fog of grief.

Can the human spirit really find this kind of refreshing? Yes, but only when we refuel by the power of God.

Imagine if I gave you the keys to a beautiful new car loaded with the latest gadgets—back up cameras, Bluetooth, anti-collision tech, and even a sunroof—though minus a tank of gas.

So, you accept my gift but think, I guess this car isn’t meant to be driven, at least not anymore, right? Otherwise it would start. But never mind that, it’s a beautiful car and I should be grateful. To prove it, the kids and I will come out to the garage from time to time, use the Bluetooth, open the sunroof and play our favorite tunes. And that will have to be enough.

And so, once a week, you religiously go and sit in your beautiful car. But you never go anywhere. Sometimes you dream of using the car as it was originally intended. You imagine driving to work, driving down the coast, or maybe even taking a trip to see friends. But you know in your heart that if the manufacturer wanted you to actually drive the car, he would also have filled the tank.

Of course, the real you is too wise to fall for such a whopper. When your car needs fuel, you fill it up. It’s a simple as that.

There are some Christians and churches who have never filled their tank with the power of God, His Holy Spirit. And some people and churches have never thought to refill their tank when it runs dry. That’s exactly how I found the refreshing in my soul after a winter of pain. I called on God through the power of the Holy Spirit to help me to forgive those who so wronged my child and to heal my emotional pain. And if God, through the Holy Spirit, will do this for me, He will also do this for you.

If you need to refuel with the power of God, pray this simple prayer that South African Pastor William Murray taught the young students of the Moody Bible Institute to pray in the late 1800s. Through this prayer, the young people were empowered to change their world for Christ. If you’re ready to pray this prayer, simply pray “More Holy Spirit More!”

Pray this often and also pray it over your church as well. The power of God that you’ve always dreamed about could be realized in your life and the lives of those you love.




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