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put power in your prayer life

HOW WOULD YOUR LIFE CHANGE IF YOU WERE ABLE TO PUT POWER INTO YOUR PRAYER LIFE? What if you could pray for provision and see God provide or pray for healing and see God heal? What if you could pray for circumstances and see your circumstances change?

These things are possible when you understand a couple of prayer keys:

Key 1: The Victory of Jesus When you understand that even though God’s Son, Jesus, was executed, He rose from the dead, defeating both sin and death. Jesus is not only victorious; He is our victor. When we pray to, with and through Him, He grants us victory. So look at your circumstances through Jesus to see His victory. For example, despite the terrible devastation that Hurricane Harvey spread though southeast, Texas, many of the believers interviewed by the media said, “I may have lost my home, but I have my life; I have my family! I am so blessed!”

These folks were not looking at their situation from the perspective of what they’d lost, but the value of what they’d kept. They know that even despite their continued hardships, they are trusting Jesus to provide.

Key 2: The Might of Jesus We sometimes forget how mighty Jesus is. The other day, I lifted all my many responsibilities before the Lord. In my mind’s eye, it was if I were straining to hold up a million-pound freeway. “Do You really think I can carry this?” I asked.

Suddenly, it was as if I could hear Jesus laughing. I turned and saw He was holding my load with one finger.

Surprised, I asked, “You mean I’m not the one holding this up?”

Jesus continued to laugh and shook His head. I stooped and walked out from under the load. I felt so free! “Thank You, Jesus, for carrying this load for me!” Jesus is already carrying the load you are straining beneath. Relax. He’s got it.

Time to Pray Try praying with these two power keys in mind:

Dear Lord, not only are You the victor, You are the victory. So, when I pray to and through You, I am praying in and from Your victory because I am praying, not in my might, but in Your might. So now, I come to You regarding: (fill in the blank).

I pray for victory in Your might and in the mighty name of JESUS, because Your name is just that powerful.




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