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praying to move mountains

I AM LIKE A PRAYER INVESTIGATOR. I HAD TO BE BECAUSE I HAD A MOUNTAIN TO MOVE. After a violent car crash put my 18-month-old baby into a coma, I needed to know what it would take to touch my daughter through the power of prayer. Since that fateful day, I’ve made it my mission to understand prayer. I’ve spent hours scouring the Word to discover and understand the prayer secrets it contains, and most importantly, I’ve prayed. I’ve battled. I’ve contended. I’ve sought God. I’ve claimed promises, and I’ve prayed through roadblocks.

I’ve experienced breakthroughs and felt the heartache when God says no. I’ve worked with prayer teams and prayer partners, fought the enemy and prayed with countless people. And yes! I have seen God move. I have seen God answer prayer.

In my new book, When You Need to Move a Mountain, I share what I’ve learned to help readers not only become a person of prayer, but a person who can use prayer to reverse the works of the enemy, to save lives, to be blessed with provision and to flow into God’s best for their lives.

I believe we can each become a mountain mover as we pray over ourselves and our loved ones.

Our own prayer giftings are part of the bigger picture of individual intercessors, members of a grand choir with millions of voices and millions of prayers, wonderfully harmonizing into the heavens and into the heart of God.

And the beauty is that our God — our genius, omniscient and loving God — focuses His attention on every petition.

This is a stunning picture, especially when we consider that each of these prayers was prayed by an individual with their own unique callings like:

PEACEMAKER: Someone who prays peace over individuals or situations. PRAYING FRIEND: Someone burdened for particular people or even people groups. PROVISION BROKER: Someone with faith to pray for provision.

SALVATION PLEADER: Someone who is burdened for the lost.

WARFARE WARRIOR: Someone who pushes the enemy out of lives and situations.

One of the most beautiful things about prayer is the realization that God wants us to ask. Our prayers become a divine work of love based on a relationship with a God who loved us first and a God we love right back. When we are in a relationship with Him, we begin to move together. God answers the one who asks, the one who prays at the urging of the God who answers. Prayer then becomes a picture of love from the Creator to His creation and from His creation to the Creator.

Dear Lord, may we all learn how to move into Your divine work of prayer as we become mountain movers, praying powerful prayers answered by our loving and powerful God.

Find out more about Linda and her recent release, When You Need to Move a Mountain: Keys to Praying with Power at

Go to to find out how to get this issue!


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