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praying into the vision

WHAT’S THE CRAZIEST THING YOU’VE EVER DONE TO FOLLOW AFTER GOD? Was it to raise your kids, teach the teenage class at church or read your Bible through in a year? All good pursuits, but have you ever dared to leave your comfort zone behind and dive headfirst into the unknown because you felt God put an idea before you?

When I was a young Christian, I made up my mind to always say yes to God. Yes, I will serve you. Yes, I will go where you send me.

In those days I thought God was sending me to seminary to study how to become a youth director. So, after I was accepted into a fine seminary, I never dreamed I would face a roadblock. When the seminary president wrote me, “Because you married an engineer and not one of our pastoral students, we are canceling your seminary enrollment.”

I was shocked. I responded to the seminary president by letter, reminding him, “Jesus did not kick Mary out from sitting at his feet.” The president wrote back, “We don’t want Mary, we want Martha.” Ouch! I ended up getting a job as a technical writer, translating what engineers said into written how-to manuals. But my spirit was crushed. I had wanted to follow the Lord, not work on boring projects.

It wasn’t until one New Year’s Eve nine years later that God gave me a renewal of vision when I heard God’s still, small voice. “I want you to write a book.” I was shocked once again. “Me? What do I know about writing or publishing a book? If this is You, please give me an education in writing for publication.” That year, I attended the Colorado Christian Writers Conference and begin to learn everything I could about book writing. In the meantime, I continued to volunteer with the youth at my church.

That next New Year’s Eve, I found myself complaining to God about one of our church kids who landed in a cult.

“Lord, someone needs to write a book that will uncover the enemy’s traps so the kids don’t fall for his same-old tricks.”

In the stillness of my heart, I suddenly realized this was the book God wanted me to write.

Once I had the vision, I soon found an editor who wanted the project and wrote the first of a two-book series for teens. The books went on to sell over 24,000 copies, and surprisingly reached more teens than I would have ever reached as a youth director in a 30- year career. These two books became the first of over 36 books I’ve written for the Kingdom.

I hope this story reminds you to first; always say yes to God and second, be very patient when the vision is slow to come. For God will bring the vision; ask Him, and he will make it clear.

Dear Lord, I say yes to You. Give me Your vision and the patience to follow it, even in roadblocks or delays. Keep me on track to do all You’ve called me to do.

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CJ Cares
CJ Cares
05.12.2023 г.

I know this was written about 2 1/2 years ago, but I still had to leave a comment. Thank you Linda for giving your words of wisdom about God’s vision for our lives. I truly believe that God has given me my vision. Building Stronger Marriages is the name of my ‘businesstry’ (ministry + business). This vision is in now way ‘small’, but has always felt like it’s going to be something bigger… if that is Your will, allow it to take place Oh Lord! I have gone way beyond my comfort zone and dove into the deep end, but it’s so exciting to be part of serving others through doors that God opens for me. If you ever feel led to…


K. Smith
K. Smith
24.06.2021 г.


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