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blue sky faith

AN EXCITING PRAYER OF FAITH STARTED ONE SATURDAY MORNING after I’d driven 20 miles through a ferocious rainstorm from Longmont, Colorado, to Loveland to attend a meeting. It had been pouring for days, and the forecast called for even more rain. A friend at the meeting told me, “My son lives across town from you. They are about to evacuate his neighborhood because of rising floodwater.”

I felt my faith rise. “Let’s pray the rain will stop over Longmont.”

“Okay,” she said.

I worry that my windshield wipers flapped against the continuing deluge because I was experiencing supernatural confidence in God. As I drove down the freeway, I had a perfect view of the storm. The cloud bank had nestled into the long line of mountains just to the west and was seemingly unwilling to budge. So was I. As I drove, I studied the clouds above my distant town and prayed for blue sky to appear.

Then I noticed it. A tiny blue hole pierced the gray. I laughed and prayed harder. “Thank you, God, for blue skies!” The blue spot in front of me grew larger as the rain continued to pour down, that is until I reached my exit. Even though rainy, gray skies were all around me, I was soon driving in sunbeams, which danced down the steaming pavement all the way into town.

The TV weatherwoman’s evening forecast confirmed what I already knew. The storm raged on in every town on the Colorado Front Range except for one. Longmont remained precipitation free.

The local floodwaters receded, and my friend’s son did not have to evacuate his home because God had answered our prayer!

So which came first, the faith to believe or God’s call to pray? Actually, I think the need for a miracle came first. I would never have prayed for a hole to pierce a storm if my friend’s son hadn’t been in jeopardy.

I felt faith even when I didn’t see evidence that God was answering my prayer, but my confidence exploded when that first dot of blue sky broke through the distant clouds. What a wonderful moment.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt that God had interrupted the relentless storm just to say, “Yes!” to me and my blue skies prayer.

In fact, I think he orchestrated the entire thing just to give me one more reason to love him and to have faith that he does answer prayer.

Excerpt from Linda’s book, When You Need to Move a Mountain – from Baker Revell, © 2019. Reprinted from Leading Hearts Magazine. Go to to get this issue!


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