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10 myth-busters: are you free to pray?

 DO YOU HAVE A LIST OF REASONS WHY YOU THINK GOD DOESN’T WANT TO TALK TO YOU? SO DO A LOT OF PEOPLE. Check out our top ten reasons women have skipped out on talking to God today. See which reasons you identify with, and then read our myth busters for a better perspective on what spending time with God is really about.

1. I'm not my best self today.

• Myth Buster — Good news, God is a come-as-you-are God. He loves your messy hair, and He doesn’t care if you forgot to put on deodorant or even if you’re feeling out of sorts.

2. I feel guilty about Fill in the Blank.

• Myth Buster — Time to ask God to forgive you. He’s willing and loves you more than you could ever imagine. Besides, Jesus already paid the price for your sin. Give your guilt to God and don’t let it come between you and Him.

3. I don’t have time to get holy today.

• Myth Buster — Slip into Jesus with a simple prayer: Jesus, thank You for letting me wear Your righteousness when I come before the Father. It fits me perfectly and never makes me look fat.

4. God doesn’t want to talk to me.

• Myth Buster — This is a lie. God simply adores you. He loves it when you come to Him.

5. God’s too busy to talk to me.

• Myth Buster — The idea that God is too busy for you is not found anywhere in the entire Bible. Could this be another lie of the enemy? Remember this: God created time, and when you come to Him, He has all the time in the world just for you.

6. He has more important matters to attend to than my concerns.

• Myth Buster — Because God is not limited by time; He has time for the big problems in the world as well as any problem in your life, no matter how small. Perhaps you need to expand your view of God. He’s a lot bigger than you can imagine, and He cares for you and the details of your life more than you can understand.

7. He could care less about my puny life.

• Myth Buster — God is your creator and He loves you. He does not see your life as puny, but as precious.

8. I’m too busy running late!

• Myth Buster — God will help you make time to talk to Him if you ask for His help

9. I make the same old mistakes, which means He’s pretty sick of me by now.

• Myth Buster — God is not sick of you. He is ready to forgive you of every sin, no matter how many times you fail. When you ask for His help, He will give you the strength to overcome.

10. I’m too distracted by all my problems.

• Myth Buster — When you keep your focus on God instead of your problems, your problems will resolve in miraculous ways. 



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